Sangha Tierra

Charities We Support

Sangha Tierra helps trying to make the world a better place by giving a percentage of its proceeds from each show to the following charities: 

In Lak'Ech Inc. supported by Leslie Spalding(drummer) 

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation supported by Roy Carrubba(percussionist) 

The Fortune Society supported by Colin Pohl(saxophonist) 

The Union City Music Project supported by Enildo Rasua(percussionist)

The Dubin Center at Mount Sinai Hospital supported by Steve Raimer(guitarist)

Sangha Tierra is a 10 piece band that performs socially and spiritually conscious world music.  Now with our self-titled EP SanghaTierra is based in the New York City/New Jersey area that mixes World & Latin music influences."Sangha" in Sanskrit means a community that is spiritually connected and "Tierra" in Spanish means Earth. Our goal is to create a world community that is spiritually connected through our music. To accomplish this, we play a fusion of world genres and express our positive message of love and unity in several languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. 

About Us