Sangha Tierra

As many Artists that have been influenced by the beauty of Music, and Art I too became a fan. Born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.  I learned many cultural music and sounds from the Island. I first took interest as my family members became musicians at our. Church. First starting with the influence of my Dad in helping me with Music. I started to use the Drums as I got the feel of using different instruments and allowing myself to find my true passion for a specific instrument, and that is the lanes of percussion the Conga.

Throughout my journey I started in a Band called Liquid Blue, in which we played in the clubs of NYC during the 80's. We were a group of 7 artists which recorded a CD. This led me to involve myself with other Musicians and many opportunities.

Musicians like, Joe Taino, The stuff, The Rusty Monks, The Ernie G Band, Ms. Pop and the Bad Touch, The Sound Tribe, and many other Musicians, and Bands.  Looking forward to collaborate with other Musicians, I have taken the time to go around and lend my knowledge into not only bettering myself but enjoying the journey with many other musicians

Francisco Garcia - percussion