Sangha Tierra

Jason Torres - vocals and percussion

Jason Torres joined the Sangha Tierra family in December of 2012. His musical journey has been a life long one. Born with a hunger for life and all it has to offer he has never missed an opportunity to live, experience, and find his way in the world. From working with his family, to running a business in another country, to road trips and a lifetime of soul searching. No matter where he has been, music has always surrounded and influenced his life in so many different ways. From singing with cousins when he was little, to musical input and influence from family members still here and some gone but never forgotten, to studying the Rastafarian culture for spiritual and musical satiety, one thing is certain; music has always lived in his heart. Not even a year before joining Sangha Tierra Jason decided to see what he was capable of musically and quickly developed his own technique with the congas as well as an interest in tapping into his vocal abilities. It didn't take everyone around him very long to see the natural talent that came with a life long passion for music. In the past 5 years Jason's talents have grown both vocally and technically as well as his love for the arts. He sings lead vocals and plays percussion for Sangha Tierra. In addition to this he sings lead vocals and plays the congas for a Santana Tribute Band called Stone Flower and also sang background vocals and some lead vocals for a reggae band called K Genius & the Brethren and mission control. Anyone who has seen Jason perform whether it is playing or singing can immediately see that he is right where he belongs doing something he loves. His musical journey is only just beginning.