Sangha Tierra

Jennifer Santiago has always loved singing and music in general. She first started out playing the saxophone at the age of 10 and continued to become a part of the school jazz, marching, and concert band. She performed in various competitions in and out of state and even out of the country. Simultaneously she also became involved in choir and musicals both in and out of school. She continued pursuing her love of singing through college while studying for her Bachelors in Animal Bioscience and even after college through community theatre and work sponsored choirs and productions. She has had a few lead and supporting roles over the years: Joseph (Narrator), Forum (Domina), Dolly (Dolly), All Shook Up (Sylvia), Children of Eden (Mama Noah). Jeni has never had vocal instruction outside of choir classes in school but learns new abilities with every performance, character, and song she faces. She loves learning that her voice can do something new and really cool when in a different environment or setting. Jeni is always looking for new ways to experience one of her biggest passions and always welcomes a challenge that pushes her to step out of her comfort zone. 

Jeni supports The Living Organ Donation Program at Mt.Sinai

Jeni Santiago - vocals