Besides being Sangha Tierra's talented female vocalist, Lourdes is also a strength training coach,  a Zumba Instructor,  a J. Hillburn Fashion Stylist and the mother of two wonderful kids.   She dedicates her life to self-improvement because she wants to be able to be her best version for those who look up to her, namely her two precious kids. 

Born in Peru, Lourdes is very passionate about her jobs.  She loves fitness, people, and fashion as well as music!

She decided to join Sangha Tierra (and she also feels blessed they liked her), because with each song all we are trying to convey is pure love which is what we need most nowadays.   We have lost authentic communication trough social media; texts and technology have replaced human contact and deep conversations with one another, with oneself. She's not saying that those things are bad in themselves,  but we should be able to balance and use everything in moderation since it makes our lives so much easier!
Also, with all those political problems, natural disasters and desperation we are going through, music reminds us that even so, life is beautiful and that we should be thankful for our blessings, our loved ones. Music is the universal language that communicates deeply to your soul.

Sangha Tierra

Lourdes Suarez - vocals