Sangha Tierra

Luis is a singer and a young trumpet player in the genre of Latin Jazz, Salsa and world music. His musical influences came at a very young age. His father was a Salsa singer in the Dominican Republic dating back to the 60’s and 70’s where he had the opportunity to meet some of the Salsa greats such as Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Roberto Roena, Tito Cruz and Sammy Gonzalez from the Big Band Apollo Sound, among others. Luis was always surrounded by the people and sounds of Latin music. His love for the music was inevitable. While attending high school in the Bronx in the mid 90's, Luis was in the school band where he was exposed to world music and the brass section. Playing the Trumpet helped him develop a taste for other music such as Motown, Hip Hop and R&B while diving deeper into the roots of the Afro Cuban sounds. As a member of any the band, Luis’ voice and trumpet playing have slowly carving out his spot in the music world. Over the past couple years he has elevated his skills to new levels and has continued to show appreciation for his craft and his fellow musicians. Yet, with so much left to learn, the passion for the music is always there, regardless of how difficult and frustrating those Jazz "licks" are; jaja! Type your paragraph here.

Luis E Ramirez - vocals/trumpet